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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to apply for auto finance?

The simplest and the most convenient way to apply for auto finance is through the online process. Submit your application today!

I had credit problems in the past. Can I still qualify for a loan at Consumer Auto Financing?

We specialize in providing finance for various vehicles. We provide this service to everyone irrespective of the credit. You can qualify for a loan at our site even if you have been refused before.

How secure is my personal information?

We know the importance of private information provided at our site by our customers. We ensure that this information remains confidential and is handled with perfect care. Read our privacy policy to get more details.

How quickly will my application get approved?

Most decisions are made within few minutes. You will be notifies within an hour about the approval of your application. However, taking decision on some applications can take more time.

Are there any hidden fees to apply?

At Consumer Auto Financing, there are no hidden fees.

What will the monthly payment for my auto loan?

The monthly payments will be decided by the loan amount, financial status or loan type which the borrower qualifies for.

Can I qualify for auto finance with repossessed car?

Yes, even with repossessed car, we can give you auto finance suitable for your circumstances.  

I have past bankruptcy in my credit report. Can I qualify?

With past bankruptcy you can find auto finance at Consumer Auto Financing. We can provide bad credit auto financing to a wide range of circumstances.

Is there any specific vehicle that would not qualify for auto finance?

We can get finance for any car of any make. Both used and new vehicle can get finance through us. However old vehicle should not be more than two years old and not traveled more than 50,000 miles.



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